Solar Rebate for Business in Ballarat


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solar rebate for business in ballarat

For the first time, Solar Victoria has announced small business solar rebate for businesses that want to join hundreds of Victorian households already enjoying cost savings as they go solar.

Solar Rebate for business is the new Victorian government initiative to spur economic recovery in the form of new jobs, better environment and improved savings for business owners. 

It is a great initiative for small businesses who wish to participate in building a sustainable future.

Starting this May, under the Solar for business program, businesses can reduce their upfront costs by up to 50% on the installation of a rooftop solar PV systems with a size of up to 30 kW.

What is government grants for solar panels for business

In order to help small businesses go solar and to support the overall solar sector, government has announced commercial solar grants under it’s Solar for Business program with as many as 15,000 solar PV rebates being available for small businesses, over the next 3 years.

The rebate will take care of 50% of the cost of rooftop solar installation for a rebate value of up to $3,500.

This means that if a solar system installation costs $8000, then the rebate value of 50% will be maximum $3,500 and not $4,000. Alternatively, if a business decides to install a smaller solar system costing $5000, then the rebate value will be $2,500, not $3,500. 

The Solar for Business Program is scheduled to launch in May, 2021.