Solar Rebates for Rental Properties in Ballarat


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solar rebates for rental properties

Do you own one or more rental properties? Great news as now the Victorian Government solar rebate for rental properties can help you save up to $1,850 on your next solar PV installation in Ballarat.

But that’s not all! The Solar Rebate for landlords is equally generous for tenants too. Based on the mutual agreement, Tenants can contribute to paying off 50% of the additional $1,850 in interest-free loan obtained by the landlord to get the solar PV system installed, benefiting both parties.

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What is the Solar rebates for rental properties by VIC government?

Under Rental Solar rebates for rental properties programme, eligible landlords can apply for a solar rebate of up to $1,850. The rebate applies only on solar PV installation and not on solar batteries. 

In addition to this, landlords can apply for an interest-free loan of an equal amount, i.e., $1,850, helping them cut down their solar installation costs even further. 

This is a great inventive for landlords to increase the value of their properties at a fraction of the cost of what a solar installation would have cost them without the government solar rebate for rental properties.

How to be eligible for solar rebate for rentals

Just like with any government rebate program, to be eligible for Rental Solar Rebate VIC, the landlords have to meet a number of conditions before they can apply for the government solar rebate for rental properties and the interest-free loan.

These conditions are as follows:

If the landlord meets the above conditions, next are a set of conditions that involve the tenant. These terms include:

How Landlords will get the benefit of this rebate scheme

The rental solar rebate VIC comes with many benefits for the landlords: